VORTECS(tm), Spotlight: Fantom’s 500%+ rally signalled by this key trading indicator

This trading metric alerted traders about FTM’s bullish outlook for each turn of the altcoin’s parabolic 500% rise.
Fantom’s FTM asset was one of the most popular tokens this week. It barely noticed Bitcoin’s (BTC), midweek swoon, that halted many altcoin rallies. FTM has seen a 14% increase in U.S. dollars and a 127% increase in its BTC pairs over the past seven days, despite Bitcoin’s falling below $43,000. FTM’s monthly stats are even more impressive with almost 500% growth against both benchmarks. FTM’s monthly stats are even more impressive than the benchmarks, which show a nearly 500% increase in price. This quantitative-style indicator can be used to determine whether an asset’s outlook for the next 12 to 24 hours is bullish, bearish, or neutral. Only Markets Pro subscribers can access the indicator. It is only available to subscribers to Cointelegraph’s data intelligence platform Markets Pro. The indicators are similar to patterns that existed before price spikes. This is why the currency posted a high VORTECS ™ Score score of 90 this week. This value indicates the algorithm’s incredible confidence that the observed conditions have always come up just before dramatic price rises. Source: Cointelegraph Markets ProAs you can see in the chart, the asset’s VORTECS ™ line turned dark-green (corresponding to values higher than 80) on Sept. 6, at a price of $1.30. The asset had already made substantial gains and traders were uncertain if it was still a good time for them to invest in altcoin. However, the VORTECS(tm), which corresponds to values above 80, turned dark green on Sept. 6 against a price of $1.30. FTM continued its upward trend with confidence. The altcoin was not affected by the 16% drop in BTC prices on Sept. 8. FTM even managed to surpass $1.80 on Sept. 9. FTM is one of a few tokens that have a consistent behavior on these key indicators prior to their prices rising. FTM has been able to record 34 days in which its VORTECS(tm Score was 80 or higher. This is a feat only six other coins can match. The asset usually sees gains within 72 hours after it scores high. FTM generated a return at least 33% on 27 occasions, and at least 55% on 23 other occasions. FTM also generated a return of at least 10% on 20 occasions. The average price of FTM increased by 0.2% within 48 hours and 3.6% within 72 hours after reaching 80. FTM also reached the ultra-high VORTECS(tm) Score of 90 on multiple occasions, adding an average of 3.7% after 48 hours and 5.3% within 72 hours of hitting this threshold.While a high VORTECS(tm) Score is not a prediction of price movement, it can give traders some actionable ideas regarding the health of an asset’s outlook and also alert them to opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise consider.Cointelegraph is a publisher of financial information, not an investment adviser. We don’t offer personalized or individualized advice on investment. Cryptocurrencies can be volatile investments that carry high risk, including the possibility of total and permanent loss. Past performance is not indicative for future results. All figures and charts are correct as of the date of writing, unless otherwise stated. Strategies that have been tested in real life are not recommended. Consult your financial advisor before making financial decisions.

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