United Citizens Organization launches a blockchain initiative at the COP26

During the COP26 conference, a consortium of partners spoke about the creation of a new climate initiative using blockchain technology and shared details about its future plans.
A panel of experts from the tech and environmental sector spoke to global citizens about improving coordination for climate action. The GloCha United Citizen Organization for Action for Climate Empowerment was launched at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, Wednesday. It is a quasi-international blockchain-based organization located in Klagenfurt (Austria). It will now use blockchain technology to help advance climate change goals in line with the UN SDGs. The UCO is rooted within the Action for Climate Empowerment Innovation Project (ACE_AT) and Global Challenges Action Empowerment Consortium (GLOCHA). The UCO is rooted in the Action for Climate Empowerment Innovation Project, or ACE_AT, as well as Global Challenges Action Empowerment Consortium, or GloCha. Miroslav Polzer, founder of GloCha, hosted the panel. Dairou Sidiki, Romi Sumaria, and Kristina Corner, editor-in-chief of Cointelegraph, were among the panelists. Romi Sumaria, co-founder and CEO of Oblique Life, spoke about the potential for mobilizing financial capital and human capital towards climate changes initiatives through the implementation blockchain technology. She stated that Blockchain will allow them to make sure that those who invest in these projects can understand where they are going, what the metric is, and what their return on investment (ROI) is. Kristina Corner, Cointelegraph’s editor-in-chief, was also present. UCO will collaborate with the respective governmental regimes to create these partnerships over the next months. Dairou Sidiki (Co-Founder & CEO of Oblique Life) spoke about the opportunities for mobilizing financial and human capital towards climate change initiatives through the implementation of blockchain technology. He stated that “Blockchain will allow us to make sure those who are investing in these projects can understand where their money or time is going, exactly what the metric they are looking at, and see what their return-on-impact (ROI) and resource mobilization through DAOs, as well as well as well as well as well as support for many society engagement projects. “Related: Measuring success in crypto carbon emissions: Adoption of crypto-carbon offsets is necessary? In recent months, a number of cryptocurrency companies have gained traction. They are working to develop and research solutions to decarbonize Blockchain activities. This is possible without jeopardizing sector profitability.

The report cited analytical data metrics like the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and Transmission capacity to determine the ease of transitioning towards green production.

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