The US House of Representatives will deliver a verdict on the infrastructure bill this week

Although Speaker Nancy Pelosi expects that the infrastructure bill will pass, Democrats are divided over whether the legislation should be passed before the terms of the $3.5 trillion follow-up package. According to Reuters, Pelosi stated that she was confident that the legislation would pass after announcing the date on Sept. 26. She stated: “Let’s just say we’re going this week to pass the bill.” She had earlier indicated that she would not bring the bill up for a vote unless she was certain it would pass. The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday that the house would vote on whether to approve the controversial $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill of the Biden administration. Alaman Senator Richard Shelby objected to the inclusion of the amendment to the bill. This upset the crypto community. However, Pelosi announced that the house will vote on whether to pass the controversial $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. “[$3.5 trillion] was what was sent to us both by the Senate and the president. Negotiation is not without its challenges. We need to make some changes as soon as possible so that we can reach a consensus and move forward.

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