Solana-powered AMM Raydium proposes SushiSwap integration to reduce fees

SushiSwap is researching integrating with high performance AMM, Raydium, on Solana to alleviate high gas fees.
Major decentralized exchange SushiSwap is the latest to consider action to mitigate Ethereum’s intense transaction charges, and it includes a prospective interface into the Solana blockchain.A proposition, that was posted to the SushiSwap forum on Feb. 22 under the codename’Bonsai,’ proposes establishing out the platform to the Solana ecosystem. The integration is intended to mitigate Ethereum’s skyrocketing transaction fees, which were spiked to new all-time highs over the previous 24 hours.The proposal would entail integrating SushiSwap with Raydium’s platform, together with all the Solana-based automated market manufacturer having launched on Feb. 21. The proposal’s author,”Handroll,” notes Raydium already features help for SushiSwap’s liquidity pools:”“We have been working on Raydium’s AMM and liquidity pool protocols because the fall of 2020 and also have just found on our platform Raydium’s protocol has been already able to support SushiSwap liquidity pools to the Serum orderbook.” Handroll proposes the integration begins with Raydium working alongside SushiSwap to build service for liquidity pools and staking about the Solana-powered Serum DEX. Following a testing period on Raydium’s testnet, the groups could then research deploying Bonsai on Solana’s mainnet.The proposal asserts SushiSwap consumers will be able to perform token swaps and manage their return farms considerably quicker and with a major decrease in transaction prices after the integration is completed.The SushiSwap team expects that Bonsai is going to be live on testnet within the first quarter of 2021.

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