Solana, Arbitrum are offline, while Ethereum is under attack

After Ethereum’s malicious attack brought down the network, Solana’s validators have begun preparing a new release. After a sudden surge in transaction volume, Solana (SOL), a rising Ethereum competitor, has lost 15% of its value in the past 24 hours. This was due to an Ethereum-evaded attack. These transactions flooded the transaction processing line, and the network began forking. Solana’s engineers were unable to stabilize it, so the validator community decided to coordinate a restart. The Solana community is currently working on a new release. Additional information will be available soon. Prices fell 15% in the first 12 hours. SOL had already fallen below $175 from its Sept. 9 high of $215, but the news of the outage quickly caused prices to drop to $145. Offchain Labs, which is building Arbitrum One, also noted that the network is still in beta. They warned that further outages could occur in the early days. $sol goes offline for about an hour#arbitrum goes down almost for an hour#ethereum was attacked (unsuccessfully).– Lark Davies (@TheCryptoLark), September 15, 2021. The developer claims that only a few Nethermind nodes were tricked to switch to the invalid chain. All other clients had “rejected this long sidechain as invalid.” Since then, all affected nodes have reorganized to the correct chain.

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