Protests in Kazakhstan lead to top Bitcoin mining country Kazakhstan cutting off internet

After major protests, the Kazakh government shut down the internet.
Kazakhstan, which boasts the second-largest (BTC) mining hash rate in the world, is experiencing major internet disruptions amid local anti-government protests.Network data provider NetBlocks reported Wednesday that Kazakhstan was “in the midst of a nation-scale internet blackout after a day of mobile internet disruptions and partial restrictions.” According to the data, the normalized network connectivity in Kazakhstan fell to 2% on Jan. 5.”The incident is likely to severely limit coverage of escalating anti-government protests,” NetBlocks noted.Source: NetBlocksKazakhtelecom, the largest telecom company in Kazakhstan, has shut down the internet across the nation, according to some reports. According to reports, some cities in Almaty have also experienced cellular network disruptions. This is after the government of Kazakhstan resigned due to protests over rising fuel prices. According to some analysts, the protests may also be a response to the country’s lack of democracy. According to some analysts, the protests are also a response to the country’s lack of democracy.– Jake Hanrahan (@Jake_Hanrahan) January 5, 2022

Related: Canaan, a Bitcoin mining company expands its presence in Kazakhstan. The latest internet outages could have an impact on the global Bitcoin hashrate. Cointelegraph previously reported that Kazakhstan accounted 18% of global BTC mining rate distribution as of October 20,21. This is second only to the United States.

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