Proshares’ Bitcoin ETF achieves $1B volume in its first day, BTC price reaches new highs, and Coinbase partners up with NBA and WNBA: Hodler’s Digest, October 17-23

Hodlers Digest is your weekly news source. It will be available every Saturday. Hodlers Digest will provide you with all the latest news from the week. It includes the best and worst quotes, adoption and regulation highlights and predictions. Many people expect the price to rise in the coming weeks and months. Some even suggest that $300,000. ProShares launches its Bitcoin-linked ETF on NYSEProShares reached a major milestone in the crypto sector after it launched its Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO), which was based on Bitcoin futures. Bloomberg analysts stated that ProShares ETF was the fastest fund to reach $1Billion in assets under management after just two days. Many are eager to see the next Proshares ETF. Valkyrie’s Bitcoin futures ETF was launched on the NYSE on Friday. Coinbase announces multiyear partnership for NBA and WNBATop crypto exchange Coinbase has signed a multiyear sponsorship agreement with the NBA, WNBA and NBA G League. Coinbase will educate basketball fans about crypto as part of the multiyear sponsorship deal. According to the NBA, Coinbase plans to create unique content, activations, and experiences that will help basketball fans learn more about crypto. The branding of Coinbase will be displayed during the televised games. Statista data shows that approximately 1.6 million people watched NBA regular season games across all major networks in 2019. Mariah Carey purchases Bitcoin and hopes to empower her fans through education. Mariah Carey is the pop icon behind the controversial Christmas song All I Want for Christmas Is You. She has partnered up with the Winklevoss twins cryptocurrency exchange Gemini to promote Bitcoin adoptability and support girls of colour in their pursuits of STEM degrees. Users who sign up through the referral link to trade digital assets on Gemini will be contributing directly towards Black Girls Code, a non-profit organization that provides technology education for African American girls. A Brazilian toddler earns more than 6,500% on her first Bitcoin investment. Joo Canhada, the father of the girl, gave 1 BTC to his baby in 2017, when the asset was valued at $915. Canhada is the founder and CEO of Brazilian crypto exchange Foxbit. He stated that he bought the Bitcoin for his daughter as a gift and as a way to invest in the emerging crypto sector. He was clearly in the right place at right time as Bitcoin’s price soared to $20,000 at the end 2017. This suggests that Canhada’s profit is now approximately 6,560%. Winners and losers Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), at $3,963 & XRP at 1.09 at the end of this week. Winners and losers According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin (BTC) is at $60,658, Ether (ETH) at $3,963 and XRP at $1.09. Cointelegraphs market analysis provides more information on crypto prices. These digital assets and payment systems could cause sanctions to be less effective if left unchecked. Department of the Treasury There are many smart people at Icahn & Company who don’t understand Bitcoin. I’m not saying it is bad or good. I just say that we don’t understand it. We won’t invest in something that we don’t understand. The jury is still out on whether Bitcoin has an intrinsic value or acts like a store of value. If inflation becomes rampant, then I think it has value. It is difficult to invest in because there are so many variables. It will track well, and, most importantly, it will be convenient to get Bitcoin exposure to a lot of people who have been waiting. Simeon Hyman, head of investment strategies at ProShares. We encourage streamlining of state-level regulatory frameworks to stablecoins and the issuance of special purpose charters by federal bank regulators to allow stablecoin companies to operate in a national setting. The Chamber of Digital Commerce DAOs are not included in any of Australia’s existing company structures. This regulatory uncertainty prevents the establishment of large-scale projects in Australia. The Senate Committee on Australia as Technology and Financial Center (ATFC Diem) is not Facebook. We are an independent organization. Facebooks Novi is only one of over two dozen members in the Diem Association. The Novis pilot with Paxos has nothing to do with Diem. Cointelegraphs BTC price Index reports that the asset reached $67,000, just shy of its previous record high of $65,000, in a week full of headlines about Bitcoin ETFs. Bitcoin fell to the low $60,000s after its surge. However, many people commented on possible future price action for Bitcoin. E-Club Trading’s Twitter account, an investment analysis company, suggested that Bitcoin could reach $58,000 if it loses the $62,000 level. However, Bitcoin could also ride up to $80,000 or even $58,000 before pushing for $80,000. ExoAlpha chief investment officer David Lifchitz stated that Bitcoin could hit $58,000 or $53,000 first before moving on to $80,000. FUD of Week: New York businesses request governor to deny permits to crypto mining. Governor Kathy Hochul was sent a letter this week asking her to deny permits that would allow the city’s old fossil-fuel power stations to be converted into crypto mining centers. Two crypto firms are being investigated by NYAG. NYAG orders 2 crypto firms to close down and investigates 3 more Celsius Network said it is working to provide information regarding its business to New York regulators. Senators press Facebook to “immediately discontinue” Novi wallet pilot. This may or may not have been FUD, depending on how one views Facebook. Five U.S. senators urged Facebook to stop its crypto wallet pilot. The pilot was launched in the United States and Guatemala by Novi in partnership with Coinbase. However, the senators, including Elizabeth Warren, who are crypto skeptic, were not pleased. The best Cointelegraph features Best Cointelegraph FeaturesThe cryptocurrency industry has utterly failed to protect privacy

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