Philadelphia launches its own blockchain initiative

Officials at the city are looking for comments from crypto innovators about how to integrate blockchain into the municipal government.
Mark Wheeler, Chief Innovation Officer of the City of Philadelphia, announced a Monday initiative to bring blockchain technology into city government. To see how blockchain technology can be used within municipal government, the project invited people in the smart contracts and blockchain space to reach out to project staff. Wheeler tweeted that he was inspired to do so by the blockchain forward efforts in Miami. Mayor Francis Suarez, who has promoted city-specific crypto tokens as a possible replacement for taxes, has decided to get his next paycheck in bitcoin. Satoshi whitepaper is highlighted on another city’s website. @Sarasti & @CityofMiami deserve props for being the first to get there. #blockchain– Mark Wheeler, @Wheelmrk, November 8, 2021

The website of the city includes a background information section about crypto. This section includes Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin whitepaper, Vatalik Buterin’s Ethereum whitepaper, and a 21-minute introduction video from Andreessen Horowtiz. The exploratory phase of this gambit is not expected to last for a fixed time. Wheeler stated that he was trying to gain a good understanding of the use cases and why there could possibly be a value proposition. That’s the purpose of the website. In an interview with StateScoop, Wheeler stated that “We’re ready to discuss.” Monday’s launch follows Eric Adam, the newly elected NYC Mayor, whose announcement that crypto literacy will be taught at public schools was followed by Monday’s launch. Suarez’s lead is being followed by Tampa Mayor Jane Castor who plans to accept her next paycheck as bitcoin. Jackson, TN also announced that it would investigate crypto payments back April.

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