OTOY’s Render Network plans for Solana to render the metaverse

Jules Urbach, CEO of OTOY, stated that Solana’s secure and programmable underlying infrastructure is crucial for dynamic and scalable metaverse content.
Jules Urbach is the CEO and founder at OTOY. He wants to democratize content creation in particular with virtual assets. OTOY’s technology aims to fulfill the promise to an open cloud-based metaverse through the Render Network — the first decentralized GPU rendering platform & 3D marketplace built using OTOY’s OctaneRender NFT eco. Urbach also noted that the recent move to Solana was due to a variety reasons. He said that Solana runs on high performance code at a speed fast enough to handle scene graph changes without sacrificing security. He said that Solana runs on high-performance code at a fast enough speed to handle scene graph changes on chain without sacrificing security. Artists who use the Render Network have access to custom 3D metaverse-like NFT storesfronts coded within the assets. Payment flows can ostensibly work regardless of how many NFT rendering contributors are involved. The Render Network will also allow AR creators the ability to make live updates and stream NFTs on cloud across all devices, including iPads. Urbach stated that mixed reality requires more than rendering. Many Twitter users responded positively to the news. MediaFire.com cofounder Tom Langridge said that the keynote was “easily the most exciting presentation I’ve seen in ten years.” Wow @ real-time metaverse render, in-NFT rendering streaming, and that StarTrek archives. This was easily one of the most interesting presentations I’ve ever seen. Really great stuff coming out of #Solana #Breakpoint https://t.co/9jmxnGYviM– T*m LangridgKs (@tlangridge) November 8, 2021

Another user called Render Network “the Uber for rendering” and “will power the Metaverse.” So this is how the Metaverse will be built. Mind blowing demo from @RenderToken – https://t.co/4axU1kkwau– Mehul Mandania (@MandaMeh) November 8, 2021

Many crypto artists, such as Beeple, have already used the Render Network. The Render Network also archives the work of Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek creator, and Alex Ross, DC Comics Comic book artist. These Metaverse archives will keep their creations on the Blockchain for future use.

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