NFT drop in The Matrix, FTX.US introduces Ethereum NFTs, token Baby Sharks…

The creators of the popular Baby Shark song are launching NFTs. FTX.US has increased NFT support to Ethereum, and more than 300,000. people are still waiting for Matrix NFTs.
The Matrix’s NFT revelations. This week, the website’s purchasing page crashed due to high demand for the Warner Bros. Matrix avatar NFT drop on Nifty’s. The Matrix’s NFT avatar drop on Nifty’s caused a crash in the website’s purchasing page. We are still trying to figure out why the launch didn’t go as planned, but we appreciate everyone who has stayed with us and want to say a sincere “thanks” from our team. Nifty’s (@Niftys), December 1, 2021

After the queue was repeatedly paused, other issues began to occur, such as users being bumped up and down the queue, the buy buttons not working, and failed transactions during checkout. Nifty’s stated that it is still working to resolve the issues and offered all Nifty’s users who queued up on November 30 a “glitch” NFT for their inconvenience. Warner Bros.’ Matrix Avatar Queue: Nifty’s Tokenized Baby SharksPinkfong is the creator of the alarmingly hypnotic song Baby Shark. A collection of NFTs will be released that depicts content from the music video. The collection includes a 1/1 and five limited editions. The NFTs feature the Baby Shark and its five family members in animated and holographic GIFs. The starting price for the 1/1 NFT auction is not known, but the highest bidder will receive a personalized one-of-one vinyl record with the music featured in the NFT. Pinkfong’s Baby Shark – MakersplaceA group of Masters of Business Administration students from the Paris branch of INSEAD raised $3K to support the school’s Robin Hood Scholarship fund through an NFT sale. Michelle Yu, Ferdinand Issels and Michelle Yu created a Nyan Cat-inspired NFT called “RobinGood #1”, which depicts Robin Hood riding a salamander. It was inspired by the school’s emblem. The project was part of a week-long student-led fundraising campaign to raise funds for the school’s fund that provides scholarships for need-based students. INSEAD’s Robin Good NFT : OpenSeaThe NFT was sold in fiat currency to allow students to participate. It was purchased by Alberto Marega, a graduate and Goldman Sachs banker, for 2,600 euros, or approximately $3,000 and has since been minted using OpenSea. “It’s an amazing feeling that this technology was able to help a good cause,” said Issels. Ethereum NFTs are live on!We’re excited to expand our NFT marketplace, allowing users to buy, sell, and display their Ethereum NFTs alongside their Solana NFTs for the first time! It is unlikely.– FTX – Built By Traders, For Traders (@FTX_Official) December 1, 2021

In September, FTX.US and the U.S. subsidiary of the company first entered the sector. They launched NFT marketplaces with limited functionality. FTX.US added support for Solana-based NFTs the following month. The token sale was sold out 82 times. Around 808,000 people registered and more than 10700 new GEMS hodlers purchased a maximum of $500 worth tokens. Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the now-defunct dark internet marketplace Silk Road, caused a stir Wednesday by announcing his NFT drop featuring hand-drawn artwork which will be auctioned on Superare this month. The auction proceeds will go towards funding a trust to help Ulbricht escape prison.

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