M31 Capital is looking to launch a new Bitcoin hedge fund

The M31 Capital Bitcoin Access Fund can provide institutional investors with another avenue for investing in BTC.
The projected finance, called M31 Capital Bitcoin accessibility Fund, has been a limited partnership hedge fund established in Delaware, according to a Form Steel SEC filing submitted on Tuesday. The minimal investment from any outside investor was put at $10,000. Details about the fund’s arrangement weren’t disclosed. M31 Capital is focused solely on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The business also operates M31 Ventures, whose investment thesis relies on discovering new business opportunities over the emerging blockchain ecosystem. Crypto hedge funds represent a very small fraction of the overall market for electronic assets. In 2020, PwC estimated that crypto hedge funds had over $2 billion in funds under management, having more than doubled from the last calendar year. M31 Capital’s potential foray to cryptocurrency is hardly surprising given that its co-founder Nathan Montone was trading Bitcoin since 2011. Last calendar year, Montone told Cointelegraph that the more institutional investors were searching into Bitcoin because of fixed-cap, tight advantage. Much of that newfound curiosity originated from the U.S. government’s post-pandemic retrieval program, which comprised trillions in freshly printed stimulation dollars. Institutional fascination with electronic assets jumped in 2020, with finance managers like Grayscale and Bitwise attracting large capital inflows. Since Cointelegraph reported Tuesday, Bitwise’s assets under administration have eclipsed $1 billion, having more than doubled in the course of 2 months.

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