Iran government Allegedly Prohibits local blockchain association

A crypto warning record is the most important cause of the ban, according to the mind of the Iran Blockchain Community.
Even the Ministry of Interior of the Islamic Republic of Iran has obstructed the activities of the Iran Blockchain Community (IBC), but the institution claims they haven’t received direct notice.The Social Affairs Organization of the Ministry required reports on IBC’s financial performance and dealings with cryptocurrency trades by means of a note posted in neighborhood newspaper Hamshahri Online last week, according to local resources. During the weekend, the ministry obstructed the association’s activities, but IBC spokesperson Sepehr Mohammadi, who’s also the CEO of one of two crypto exchanges recorded as patrons of the association’s website, said no verbal or written warning was given to the board members. He added that issuing and publishing warning lists for users to prevent traps can be a mission for the IBC. High-risk Iranian companies involved with crypto were around the IBC warning record, so Mohammadi considers this is actually the major reason for this ban. “Vested interests will do anything to prevent IBC’s efforts. They were able to market the note before IBA was informed,” he added.Related: Iran bans crypto mining until SeptemberAccording to the local media, a member of this parliament accused crypto-related national nongovernmental organizations of transferring foreign currency abroad. As one of the NGOs in the crypto and blockchain space, IBC denied the claim and said that the institution is centered on promoting blockchain engineering in the country. Following a”summer ban” to get crypto mining,” Iran is seeking healthy regulation for cryptocurrencies. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the country should legalize cryptocurrency activities to preserve and protect national interests. He called for a joint study between various parties to set up a legal framework to get cryptocurrencies.

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