IDEX launches hybrid liquidity decentralized exchange for Polygon

The platform aims to solve the drawbacks of traditional DEX platforms, such as slippages and front-running.
IDEX, a cryptocurrency exchange (DEX), based in San Francisco, has just announced the upcoming launch its v3 Hybrid LIquidity DEX on Polygon. Did you miss it? Now’s your chance to catch up.– IDEX (@idexio) November 30, 2021

Topaz Blue and Bancor Protocol published a research paper that revealed that nearly half of liquidity providers on Uniswap v3 were subject to permanent loss based on a 43% data snapshot. This was closely followed by PancakeSwap v2 at $2.3 billion. The exchange will also offer a variety of incentives to users who interact with it. Liquidity Mining will offer 1,400,000 IDEX tokens per Week to increase liquidity, while a rewards program acknowledges regular activity.

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