Golf startup invests $10.5 million in NFT Sales

Par for the course: LinksDAO’s golf startup could lead to DAO adoption at the country clubs.
Nonfungible tokens (NFTs), or tokenization, are not safe for any sector of the economy. LinksDAO has helped golf to escape the lure of NFTs. LinksDAO raised $10.5million to fund its golfing dreams in a successful NFT drop. OpenSea allowed more than 9,000 NFTs to be purchased as “leisure membership” or “global membership”. These NFTs can then be exchanged for Ether (ETH) on the OpenSea platform. It seems that 2021 was a year of flourishing decentralized autonomous organization activity (DAO) activity. Some treasuries have seen their value increase by 40x. However, crypto adoption is also being driven by golf. But, rather than pictures of bored apes and raising funds for presidential campaigns; the LinksDAO NFTs help to run a DAO. LinksDAO’s business plan places high priority on its priority list. This includes the creation of a $LINKS cryptocurrency token and the identification of golf courses that can be acquired. These plans should be completed by mid-2022. Related: DAOs are the foundation for Web3, the creator economy, and the future. The group is headed by Mike Dudas. Mike Dudas is a well-known figure in crypto as the founder and CEO of The Block. He is a vocal anti-Bitcoin (BTC), maximalist and he was ranked #83 on Cointelegraph’s Top 100 crypto influencers in 2020. His Twitter handle has been changed to “Mike DAOdas”, and he is associated both with The Block and 6th Man Ventures, a crypto VC, and also Paxos, Venmo, and Paxos. Despite the general market enthusiasm for DAOs some golf enthusiasts and NFT collectors were left wondering about Dudas’ path to start a golfing company by creating a DAO. Dudas clarified via Twitter that the LinksDAO NFT “does not give ownership of the asset but it gives governance rights over club design and the possibility to purchase membership at the club once it is open.”

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