Fidenza: Tyler Hobbs created software that generates art worth millions

Tyler Hobbs, a computer scientist and generative artist, writes code artistically which creates visual art that sells for millions. The NFT called Tulip was sold for 1,000 Ethereum on Opensea $3.3 Million just 10 weeks later. Hobbs discovered Art Blocks, an online platform that creates NFTs based upon generative art and decided to become a curated artist. He also found out about Art Blocks via Google Maps. Hobbs was inspired by Francis Klein, an abstract expressionist painter. He sold 999 works in just 25 minutes for 0.17ETH (or about $400). The $400,000 in sales were divided 90/10 between Hobbs, Art Blocks, and Art Blocks. His works are available on the secondary market, mainly Opensea. They come with a 10% pre-programmed commission. This automatically splits 5.0%/2.5%/2.5% among himself, Art Blocks and Opensea. Hobbs has sold over 85 million secondary sales. These inexperienced collectors are less likely to have a bias against the artwork than those who are from the technology or crypto world. I believe it takes a special kind of collector to be that kind. Fidenza #313 FidenzaThe mechanics behind a generative artwork drop via Art Blocks are very unique. The art is not created until it is purchased by the buyer. Art Blocks announces that minting begins at a pre-announced hour. Buyers pay the predetermined ETH price and any necessary gas fees to mint the artwork. The artwork is then generated, which can take up to 30 seconds for Fidenza. Sell or hodl How to prepare to end the bull market, Part 2 September 8, 2021. How to prepare to end the bull market, Part 1: Timing September 3, 20,21. The crypto effect: Trading altcoins on the edge of addiction August 24, 2020. Jason Potts: Big Ideas with Jason Potts, August 23, 2021. The code that creates artwork on the blockchain uses a random transaction hash of the buyers transaction to be an input. This string of data is then processed by the code. The code assigns artwork with different overlapping characteristics to the artwork based on parameters pre-programmed for the artist. The contribution of the minter, which is like a sperm fertilizing a egg, is an important, unique, and necessary part of the artistic equation. Some of the “super dense Fidenzas” that maximize the visual noise level. Although they can seem overwhelming at first, they are very calming once you get to know them.– Tyler Hobbs (@tylerxhobbs) June 24, 2021 Because the code for Fidenza is on the blockchain, anyone can use it to create similar pieces. Fidenza is limited in number to 999 copies. This means that anyone can use it to create similar pieces. He says that the 999 is a perfect test run of my algorithm and captures everything I wanted it to capture. However, he is not concerned about fakes because of the unfalsifiable nature blockchain provenance but admits that they could be sold as unofficial Fidenzas. He is unable to determine if it is legal, but he considers the idea of others co-opting this program for profit as unprofessional and disrespectful. Various punks. Source: CryptoPunks is one of the most well-known NFT sets. The floor (the cheapest NFT listed for the set) for one or more of the 10,000 original Punks is around 100 ETH. However, a “Phunk that faces the opposite way” can be purchased for only 0.04 ETH. Zunks are available for 0.02ETH, HD Punks at 0.02ETH, and Bastard Gan Punks at 0.50ETH. It is possible to argue that these copies only confirm and increase the value the real punks. Every Tuesday, the best of blockchain. Subscribe to Magazine for thoughtful explorations and leisurely readings. You agree to our Terms of Service. Leave this blank if you are a human. Hobbs grew up in central Texas and enjoyed playing sports and listening to a variety of different music. Hobbs also enjoyed drawing comic books by hand. My dad convinced me to study computer science instead of art school. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree. In 2010, he was hired by DataStax as a computer engineer. His focus was on an open-source, high-performance database. Hobbs was happy, and he considered programming to be as good a job as possible. He stayed with the company until 2017. Hobbs also tried his hand at traditional art, such as oil paintings and figure drawing. These artistic traditions were long-standing, but they did not have an intimate connection to the artist, a 21st-century computer scientist. The Bouldin Creek Mural was an early precursor to Fidenza. Now, I’m searching for the right person to paint a Fidenza-esque mural.– Tyler Hobbs (@tylerxhobbs) June 21, 2021 Hobbes believes that to make exceptional art, it is important that the art relate to the artist and their unique skills because that’s where you have the most interesting things to say. This is evident throughout history, from stone-age hunters who painted images of their game on their homes to Da Vinci’s figure drawings, which were based on his study and analysis of human anatomy. Clarion, a 2017 work. Clarion, a work from 2017. Hobbs was passionate about programming and began to explore the possibilities of generative art. He recalls that he experimented with tools that weren’t designed for creating artwork, but that the results were very interesting artistically. Hobbs found the results more interesting than the paintings he had been making, which inspired him to keep developing his methods. Sell or hodl? Part 2: How to prepare to end the bull market, September 8, 2021. Part 1: Timing. September 3, 2021. The crypto effect: Trading altcoins on the edge of addiction. August 24, 2021. Big Ideas with Jason Potts. August 23, 2021. By 2017, he had enough savings and confidence to quit his job to devote himself to art, creating 100 pieces each year. It was difficult to make a living selling prints or commissions, since it was much less than what he earned as an engineer. LOXOGRAPHY, a 2019 work that shows clear hints about what’s to come. Source: In 2018, he joined his former colleagues to create Travel Boss, which was a startup that focuses on business travel. He worked part-time to make room for art and financial pressures. The company shut down early this year due to the pandemic.ArtblocksLosing his job was a blessing in disguise, because it was around this time in February 2021 that he discovered Artblocks. Although he was familiar with blockchain technology, he admitted that he was not interested in investing in cryptocurrency or working in the industry. Artblocks Art Blocks completely changed my mind because it was a great fit for generative art specifically. Hobbs considers Art Blocks a major breakthrough in Generative Art, which has struggled since its inception in 1960s. The platform’s curation board selected the best artists after a long vetting process. This allowed the audience to directly participate in the creation of their generative art. Hobbs applied to become a curated artist because he knew the artwork was great and he had a strong network. Hobbs said that the initial income from minting was life-changing because it allowed him to continue working full time on artwork for many years even with no secondary sales. He has sold most of the ETH but still maintains a substantial position that he believes will increase in value. Hobbs spends a lot of his time connecting with collectors who want to establish relationships with the artist whose works they own. He is currently shipping out a stack Fidenza prints rolled behind him. I allow owners to order prints, but it’s only one print. He clarifies that he charges only reasonable printing fees up to $600, which is a small amount considering the floor costs around $800,000. Twitter has been very fast for me (and all of us?) these days. I appreciate your patience as I try to get back to you all. Soonish, I will resume posting regularly ;). In the meantime, check out my most recent essay:– Tyler Hobbs (@tylerxhobbs) September 6, 2021 Though Hobbs will certainly be continuing his daily artistic practice, his next moves will be more intentional. Hobbs plans to change his method of releasing early sketches while he works. Instead of showing partial works at the end, he will show the final product first. He says he is 100% focused on releasing high quality work and that he is not in a hurry. Although I realize that this is a high standard, I feel that I can meet it or exceed it in the near future in terms of how the work is viewed. Sell or hodl? How to prepare to end the bull market, Part 2 September 8, 2021. How to prepare to end the bull market, Part 1: Timing September 3, 20,21. The crypto effect: Trading altcoins on the edge of addiction August 24, 2020. Jason Potts: Big Ideas with Jason Potts, August 23, 2021.

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