Epic welcomes blockchain games, but you shouldn’t expect Fortnite NFTs.

Epic Games is open for blockchain game developers but has no NFT plans.
Gaming platforms are choosing sides in the battle for blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and nonfungible tokens. After Valve’s ban on crypto and NFT-related games, Epic Games Store expressed a welcoming attitude to developers of blockchain technology. They also need to disclose their terms and comply with the applicable laws. Sweeney stated that the games must be rated by the appropriate age group. He also wrote: “Though Epic’s not using cryptocurrency in our games, however, we welcome innovation and technology in the areas of finance and technology.” Sweeney explained to The Verge that Epic is open to working with early developers in the field of NFTs in games under certain limitations as a platform provider. He made it clear that Epic Games, a game developer, does not plan to use NFTs in Fortnite’s products. The CEO stated that Epic Games will not support cryptocurrency transactions via its payment service. Therefore, developers will need to use another payment method. Epic Games Store, a platform for downloading and purchasing video games, was created by Epic Games. The platform was launched in 2018 and allows users to purchase a digital version of a game using a desktop client. They can then store the game in a library that can be downloaded and played whenever they wish. Related: Half the active crypto wallets in Q3Sweeney played a blockchain-based game in Q3Sweeney’s comment follows a ban on Steam, a prominent online video game store. The updated Steam guideline for game developers states video games that use blockchain technology or “issue or permit exchange of cryptocurrencies (NFTs)” are not permitted on the digital store. SpacePirate, a game developer, stated that Steam believes that items have value and that they won’t allow items with real-world value.

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