Craig Wright lawsuit jury ‘cannot all reach a consensus on a verdict’

The court case over 1.1 million Bitcoin is in limbo. The jury has been locked up for days.
The legal case between Craig Wright, an Australian, and David Kleiman, his friend and deceased, over legal rights to Bitcoin mining by Satoshi Nakamoto for tens of millions of dollars could end in a mistrial. The case was started in 2018 by Kleiman’s estate, who sued Wright on the grounds that they were partners in the creation and mining of Bitcoin. By Nov. 2, at 5PM UTC, the jury had issued the following statement: “Unfortunately, we cannot reach a conclusion and cannot all agree to a verdict on any questions. According to Carolina Bolada, a Law360 court reporter, the jury was still deadlocked at 10 PM UTC. They are expected to return tomorrow. Judge Beth Bloom issued an Allen Charge instructing jurors to continue deliberating until they reach a verdict. She stated, “I suggest you now carefully reexamine all the evidence in view of the court’s instruction on the law.” If the jury fails to reach a verdict the judge can declare a mistrial. Both sides claim that Wright is Satoshi. However, they disagree over ownership of the 1.1 million Bitcoins (BTC) that were mined at the time. As of today, that 1.1 million BTC is worth $62,568,836,000.Related: Was the first reply to the Bitcoin white paper Satoshi themself? In-depth theory

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