Celebrity VC fund Totaled $1m NFT contest judged by Snoop Dogg and Mark Cuban

If your NFT idea is revolutionary enough, Snoop Dogg, Mark Cuban, Ashton Kutcher, along with other celebrities can invest $1 million into it as part of a Shark Tank-style competition.
Sound Ventures, a venture capital finance including musicians, celebrities, and also a billionaire, are offering $1 million for the”most innovative” idea for a nonfungible market, or even NFT over the next week.Announced on April 5, the occasion invites anyone from across the globe to pitch their own NFT project to a team of eight candidates prior to April 12. According to the competition page, it doesn’t matter if the pitches are little more than an idea or a fully-fledged merchandise already on the industry. The wording also indicates the contest’s winners will have the opportunity to work alongside Sound Ventures long term. “Those applying should be considering building a business within the long term,” the statement says.Working on NFTs? Pitch your idea LIVE for me @guyoseary @snoopdogg @3LAU @WhaleShark_Pro @MetaKovan @aplusk @ljxie. $1,000,000 will be invested to discover/support the very innovative.

Up to 30 finalists will be selected to partake in a private dwell pitch with all the judges on April 21, just more than two weeks from now.Those selected are not required to take the expense and there are no set conditions for how the for the investment will be dispersed. The contest’s FAQ says:”Investment amounts and terms will vary by business.”  It’s not clear the number of concessions will be selected from the 30 finalists, however the competition page indicates the investments round those selected could total more than $1 million. Sound Ventures’ co-founders, Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary, will sit on the judging panel using the remaining six judges including NBA Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban, rapper Snoop Dogg, EDM artist 3LAU, NFT investo Whale Shark and also Metakovan, along with Scalar Capital co-founder Lina Xie. $1 million Sound Ventures Competition Judges: Sound VenturesWhale Shark and Metakovan, but perhaps not well known as a number of the other judges, are some of the most admired in the NFT area. The Whale Shark lately tokenized that a vault containing their NFT set, enabling traders to purchase in to it. It now has a market cap of nearly $23 million. Metakovan, or Vignesh Sundaresan, is the winner of Beeple’s $69 million Christie’s market last month, and a dominant NFT collector.The competition was set up with Sound Ventures’ co-founders, renowned Actor Ashton Kutcher and talent manager Guy Oseary. Oseary clients include U2 and long-time business partner Madonna. The pair also run VC company A-Grade Investments, that has a history of supporting successful projects like Airbnb, Foursquare, Shazam, SoundCloud, Spotify, also Uber.Ashton Kutcher has already made a suspicious title for himself in the NFT sector auctioning an electronic copy of a notebook scribble in August 2020. The first drawing was ruined to showcase the benefits of digital over physical artworks, with the capital raised said to proceed towards for environmental conservation non-profits. Ashton Kutcher showcases his now-incinerated artworkThe art titled”The Eye of The Beholder” was sold for 20 ETH (currently worth $42,600) in the market.

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