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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Watch This Week: BTC. NEAR. ATOM. FTM. FTT

Bitcoin could break above $45,500 and select altcoins such as NEAR, ATOM or FTM could become bullish in the near-term. Bitcoin (BTC), along with other altcoins, has stopped its slide. Some traders have been fearing a massive sell-off in Bitcoin but Capriole CEO Charles Edwards said that Bitcoin’s worst crashes have happened “due to miner […]

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Three reasons Harmony (ONE), rallied to its all-time highs this week

Strong fundamentals, a surge of new users, and a newly launched $300 million incentive for developers are just some reasons why ONE price is on track to reach a new all time high. Although Bitcoin’s $69,000 all-time high is still far away, this isn’t stopping altcoins moving towards new heights. Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView […]

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The Australian Open is now in the Metaverse at Decentraland

For the duration of the tournament, a virtual recreation of Melbourne Park, including the Rod Laver Arena & Grand Slam Park, will be available. Tennis Australia has partnered up with Decentraland in order to host the Australian Open (AO). The tournament will last for a fortnight and will begin on January 17. The event will […]

read more secures $75M deal for Australian women’s soccer team

The deal will be the first major sponsorship of crypto sports in Australia. It will also be the first for women’s sport. The first major sponsorship deal in crypto sports has been made by the Australia Football League (AFL). This partnership will allow to support its women’s football league (AFLW). The deal will be […]

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Walmart is preparing to enter the Metaverse

The total number of patents filed by the retail giant was seven, indicating plans to create its own digital currency. Walmart Inc., a retail giant, appears to be preparing to enter the Metaverse. It has filed patent filings that indicate that it plans to create its own cryptocurrency collection and NFT collection. On Dec. 30, […]

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Bitcoin payments fall as other cryptocurrencies rise

BitPay merchants used Bitcoin less than 92% in 2020, and Bitcoin usage fell to 65% in 2021. BitPay Inc. is one of the most prominent crypto payment processors in the world. According to a Bloomberg report, Bitcoin’s (BTC), usage by businesses using its payment system dropped to about 65% last year, from 92% in 2020. […]

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EY recommends banks to prepare for the future with stablecoins and CBDCs

EY has released a new report that highlights the need to change policy for banks in order to overcome business uncertainty regarding digital assets. EY, a Big Four accounting firm, has recommended that banks change their regulatory framework to address the upcoming launches of private stablecoins and state-backed digital currencies (CBDCs) by banks. EY’s 2022 […]

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Three critical issues surrounding crypto taxation: Former Thai SEC chief

The Thai Revenue Department wants to impose a 15% capital gain tax on crypto trading. Tipsuda Thavaramara (ex-deputy secretary-general of Thailand’s Security and Exchange Commission) has questioned the legitimacy of crypto taxation in Thailand. This comes amid Thailand’s Revenue Department’s decision about taxes for cryptocurrency trading. Thavaramara praised the Revenue Department’s decision for contacting relevant […]

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What the Year of the Tiger Will Bring for the Asian Markets

From a major rebranding exercise to upheavals in the Asian markets throughout the year, it was busy 2021 for Finalto. Who would know better about this than Alex Yap, Head of Institutional Sales for Asia at Finalto? Today, we are in conversation with Alex about how last year treated the leading fintech company and what […]

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