Binance CEO Jack Dorsey’s net worth reaches $96B, Jack Dorsey launched a BTC defense fund, Bill Miller apes in Bitcoin: Hodler’s Digest, January 9-15

Hodlers Digest is your weekly news source. It will be available every Saturday. Hodlers Digest will provide you with the best and worst quotes, adoption and regulation highlights and predictions, as well as a link to every other important news story that happened this week. The list’s top ranked person is Elon Musk, a South African criminal and co-founder of Tesla. He has amassed $263 billion through the success of his heavily subsidised electric vehicle company. Disney patents technology to create a theme park metaverse The move is part of Disney’s larger push to enter the metaverse. CEO Bob Chapek stated last year that the company would be able to link the digital and physical worlds more closely, allowing us to tell stories without borders in our own Disney metaverse. Bill Miller, a billionaire investor, puts 50% in Bitcoin. Miller, who was an early investor in Amazon, says that it still accounts for almost 100% of his portfolio. He stated that he has been steadily accumulating Bitcoin since mid-2021 when the price reached $30,000, and that he is no longer a Bitcoin observer. Miller bought his first Bitcoin in 2014, when BTC was trading at $200. He then bought a little more over time when it reached $500. Former MP Lord Fusitua, a former Tongan member of parliament, outlined a bill that would allow Bitcoin to be legal tender in Tonga. Fusitua stated that the country’s Bitcoin bill is nearly identical to that in El Salvador. Former Tongan MP Lord Fusitua outlined a bill for Bitcoin to become legal tender in the island nation in 2022. Jack Dorsey announces the Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund Winners and losers Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and XRP ( $0.77 were the top three coins at the end of the week. Winners and losers at the end of the week, Bitcoin (BTC) is at $43,121, Ether (ETH) at $3,292 and XRP at $0.77. Most Memorable Quotes It will be more about asking questions and getting input from the public than taking positions on different issues. One point of failure can be exploited both by malicious insiders and dedicated hackers alike. We’re already at 25% of that number, so 24% of Americans have Bitcoin. It’s not difficult for it to reach a third. Bitcoin is becoming more mainstream. It is becoming more mainstream. You can see a deep retail trend all over the globe: people are trusting Bitcoin more and more. The people are what will drive the price up. According to Pascal Gauthier, CEO at Ledger, subsequent employee surveys proved that recharge weeks work. L.J. Brock, chief people officer of Coinbase Most cryptocurrency investors are prepared to pay tax, but are worried about whether their move will violate the Revenue Code. According to Cointelegraphs BTC price Index, Monday saw the flagship cryptocurrency fall to $39,675 at the price of $39,000. BTC was priced at $44,315 on Wednesday. On Wednesday, Bitcoin was priced at $44,315 Either they are done accumulating and will use liquidity to chase now or we see the same thing in November (pulled offers + stacked asks a few weeks later). In the case of Bitcoin trading, bids refers to buyer demand as seen on exchange order books. BTC fell notably after its November 2021 peak of $68,969, and dropped to $41,614 in December. FUD of the WeekLCX loses $6.8M in a hot wallet compromise over Ethereum blockchainLiechtenstein-based crypto exchange LCX confirmed on Sunday that one of its hot wallets was compromised after the platform temporarily suspended all deposits and withdrawals.The hack was initially highlighted by blockchain security firm PeckShield, which spotted a suspicious transfer of ERC-20 tokens from LCX to an unknown Ethereum wallet. LCX quickly confirmed the compromise, revealing that several crypto tokens had been compromised. This included Ether, USD Coin, Sandbox (SAND), and its native LCX token. According to PeckShield’s investigation, LCX suffered a loss of approximately $6.8 million due to the hot wallet hack. FTC issues a public warning about a new crypto ATM fraud. The FTC issued an alert earlier this week to warn people about the scam. This scam involves fraudsters pretending to be public officials, law enforcement agents or dating partners using dating apps. Once they fall for the story, they are instructed to withdraw cash, then go to a crypto ATM to purchase crypto. The fraudster then shares a QR code with the victim to divert the funds back to the scammer after scanning it. The FTC stated that if someone does, it is a scam. According to local media, Pakistan’s central bank wants to ban crypto. Best Cointelegraph FeaturesQuickSwap founder says L2s are the way to mass adoption. “If I am a normal user and want to do small trades, I cannot do it with Ethereum.” A former lawmaker from the island country wants to use Bitcoin for his country’s financial security.

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