Ark Invest will split ‘60% Bitcoin, 40 Ether’ to ensure that ETH confidence grows ‘dramatically.

Ark Investment CEO Cathie Wood believes that Ethereum’s development has been promising and that Bitcoin’s value will rise as more institutions and companies adopt the cryptocurrency. Ark Investment CEO Cathie Wood has doubled down her prediction that Bitcoin’s price will rise tenfold over the next five year. She said that Ark’s confidence in Ether has been greatly increased by the growth of DeFi and NFTs. Wood’s prediction of Bitcoin’s value at $500,000 by 2026 would be a good one. Ark Investment’s future exposure is likely to be 60% Bitcoin and 40% Ethereum, she said Monday during a live stream from the SALT Conference in New York. Her BTC price thesis relies on more companies adding Bitcoins to their balance sheets, and institutional investors allocating around 5 percent of their portfolios towards Bitcoin and other cryptos. El Salvador has declared Bitcoin legal tender, and other Central American countries are likely to follow suit. She said that Ethereum is becoming more attractive as an investment because of the explosion in developer activity related NFTs and DEFi. She said, “I’m fascinated by what’s happening in DeFi. It’s collapsing financial services infrastructure costs in a way I know the traditional financial sector does not appreciate right at the moment.” “Our confidence in Ethereum has increased dramatically as we have witnessed the transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake.” Ark Investment manages several actively traded funds and focuses on disruptive innovation. “I’m very happy that he understands crypto and the merits of Bitcoin in particular — he is a regulator though and he is a hardcore regulator.” “I’m very happy that he understands crypto, and the merits in Bitcoin in particular — but he’s a regulator though, and he’s a hardcore regulator.” Wood believes that Coinbase shouldn’t be worried about the SEC’s threats of legal action against Coinbase over the launch of a stablecoin yield products. Wood highlighted the fact that in October 2019, Canada’s largest Bitcoin and digital assets fund manager received a favorable decision from the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), to offer a publicly traded Bitcoin fund.

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