According to founder of LEARN Afghan, crypto will not be understood by the Taliban

Pashtana Durrani described Taliban as “people fighting in rural and very hilly regions” without the financial literacy necessary.
Pashtana Duraani, the founder and leader of an organization that aims to provide education to girls and women in Afghanistan, stated that the Taliban have an advantage by limiting foreign aid to Afghanistan through nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and other entities. Durrani stated that the Taliban have an advantage over other aid sources, such as nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and other entities. Durrani also said that limiting foreign aid to Afghanistan via NGOs and other entities gives them an advantage. Send it to a private bank. They won’t be able to access it The Taliban don’t have bank accounts. Taliban were people who were fighting for their lives in very remote and mountainous areas. They didn’t have the time to go to a bank and fill out the forms. Millions of Afghans are now facing economic hardship and food insecurity, as well as the threat posed by the presence of armed religious extremists under the government’s control. As the international community attempts impose restrictions to hurt the Taliban, many residents are still unable withdraw cash from banks. It’s hurting teachers, it hurts students, it hurts all those who actually worked in these past two decades. But Durrani, a non-profit organization that helps Afghan refugees move to other countries, has asked for crypto donations using Bitcoin (BTC). Durrani also suggested that digital assets could be used as a force of good to counter ineffective sanctions. Sometimes, the U.S. sanctions have been completely ignored by digital samaritans who can donate directly to those affected by war, famine or other disasters in countries such as Iran and Yemen. Related: Crypto can alleviate the financial fallout for people in Afghanistan”Afghanistan can be put into those great lists of [the Financial Action Task Force] and all that,” said Durrani. It could be one of those places where you just start using crypto — legitimize it whatever — but at end of the day, you’re hurting people to punish those who are in power.

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